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GMF 2017, the world´s leading media conference

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Artificial intelligence and journalism

Twitterbots, chatbots, googlebots … The use of journalistic bots has a profound impact on media. Automating three particular aspects of journalism — alerting, aggregating, and monitoring — are bots the future of blogging and journalism? Will human reporters be replaced by artificial intelligence entirely?  

Ostracism, demarcation and autonomy

Partnership matters: A successful sustainable development agenda requires partnerships between governments, the private sector and civil society. How can we become one international community striving for the same goals? What role may international organizations play in this context and where are the limits?  

Populism — a threat to values

Brexit, Trump, rising xenophobia … the list goes on. Nationalism has been emerging across the globe as the public demonstrates its widespread distrust in the political establishment — very much at a threat to democracy. How can media help dismantle the foundation of populism and to make the complex topic of globalization understandable for all?  

Post-truth politics and our future

Welcome to an age in which the legitimacy of politics is built upon a scaffold of lies. With electorates increasingly disinterested with facts and in a time when the digital spread of “fake news” is easier than ever before, how can media rebuild trust and how can we increase media literacy among the public?  

African satire draws attention

Humor endures. Despite governments and political players attempt to humorous, social criticism, Africa’s young, well-connected community finds a form of communality in mocking their governments — to the extent that some even speak of a “Social Panafricanism.” We’ll look at the power that lies behind the laughter.

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